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2020 Prom Ambassador Application

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*Application must be filled out and submitted by email to avenuebridal@hotmail.com, or dropped off in the store by Saturday, November 30, 2019
*Ambassador must be a Junior or Senior in High School.
*Only 3 Ambassadors will be selected. Ambassadors chosen are solely at Avenue Bridal Inc. discretion.
*Ambassador must have all of the following, Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook.
*Ambassador must meet minimum social media posting requirements of 2 posts per month in a dress tried on at Avenue Bridal to be eligible for any discount.
*Discount/Points must be used by April 25th, 2020.
*Free prom dress maximum value $450.00 pre tax, if the amount of selected dress is greater, only the difference is paid.

How to earn a Discounted/Free Prom dress:
1 Point - Each social media post must be on all 3 forms of social media. (maximum points is 4 per month).

5 Points - Each ambassador will receive ambassador cards to give to their friends. For each ambassadors friend that purchases a dress during the period MUST present us with your ambassador card to give you credit. For each dress purchased by your friend WITH YOUR AMBASSADOR CARD, you will receive 5 points. IF YOUR FRIEND DOES NOT PRESENT US WITH YOUR AMBASSADOR CARD, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE POINTS FOR THEIR PURCHASE!!!

100+ POINTS = FREE PROM DRESS ($450 maximum value)
80-99 POINTS = 75% OFF
50-79 POINTS = 50% OFF
25-49 POINTS = 25% OFF
8-24 POINTS = 10% OFF