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1. If designers are named on a website, find that designer's website. Check the store locater for a list of authorized retailers. If the on-line store is not listed, they may not be selling true designer gowns.

2. The contact us page should have a phone umber and address in the United States, not just an email. If the phone number or address is in China, that's a red flag.

3. If the website claims that you can return the gown for a full refund, you can be fairly certain that this is a China website. Authorized retailers cannot take returns unless the merchandise has factory defect.

4. If the website request more than three or four body measurements, they may not be an authorized retailer.

5. If the models heads are cropped off in the photos, this could be an attempt to try to disguise copyrighted photos.

713 W. Norfolk Ave., Norfolk  •  402-316-3370

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